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У кого какие идеи, как сделать в rip неканонический адрес при сисколле?
Details from the reporter, Rafal Wojtczuk

Attack steps (done by ring3 attacker)
  • Map a frame at virtual address (1<<47)-4096
  • Any method to set the target of sysret to a non-canonical address can potentially be used. This includes ptrace, sys_sigreturn, sigaction, execve, possibly others. The best solution is to add a check for the address being non-canonical close before executing sysret. Note if the syscall handler ends with iret, then even if iret throws #GP, rsp is not controlled by the attacker, and such the situation can be handled safely.
  • Place a syscall instruction at address (1<<47)-2
  • Place SOMETHING_MALICIOUS in general purpose registers
  • Other scenarios are possible. Whenever the #GP handler runs with usermode rsp, or does not do swapgs correctly, code execution may be possible.
  • Jump to syscall instruction at (1<<47)-2

At the syscall handler entry, rcx will be set to (1<<47)-2+instruction_len(syscall) = 1<<47, which is non-canonical. Therefore, when the syscallhandler terminates with sysret, #GPwill be raised. This fault will be handled without a stack switch (assuming #GP entry in IDT does not include a nonzero IST index), as the faulting instruction is in ring0. Only Intel CPUs are affected. On AMD CPUs, sysret completes the switch to ring3 before throwing #GP, so the stack switch occurs. Also, immediately before sysret, the syscall handler must restore rsp to the value set by ring3 (because syscall/sysret do not set rsp). Therefore, the #GP handler will execute with rsp chosen by the attacker, so when GPRs are pushed on the stack in the #GP handler prologue, SOMETHING_MALICIOUS will be placed at AROUND_SOME_IMPORTANT_RING0_STRUCTURE. This write-anything-anywhere primitive could be enough to hijack execution in ring0. Additionally, in many cases, gs base is not swapped in the #GP prologue (as the fault originates in ring0), which may make the exploitation quite reliable and stable - overwrite #PF IDT entry via stack push, trigger #PF by gs access, repair IDT (from IDT table of other cpu) in the shellcode, return to usermode.


обсуждение этого на тарабарском (кстати тут автор этого видео - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UeJXokbja0):


онлайн переводчик с венгерского: http://mrtranslate.ru/translate/hungarian-russian.html

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