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gen317638 06.08.2016 13:31

Продам набор для OsmocomBB
1 x Motorola C123 with Filter Rework, in Used condition, complete with battery and charger
2 x FTDI Serial Adapters with Upgraded/Professional Cable
2 x Antenna to SMA adapter/pigtail with 2.5db antenna
1 x USB Battery Power Supply
1 x USB charging cable
1 x USB 3.0 bootable with linux and OsmocomBB Master Branch ready to run
1 x Sysmocom USB serial cable (CP2102)
Чехол и телефон Motorola C118 в подарок, бесплатно
цена за всё: 15 000 руб.
jabber: gen317638@sj.ms


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